To study Phra Somdej’s limestone amulets thoroughly, one has to adhere to

  1.  Careful consideration of main amulet mass ingredients and corresponding crack patterns at all amulet surfaces and of minority mass such as banana, small stone-like masses such as reddish brown broken Tung Settee (wealthy field in Kampangpetch province) amulet, holy white powder,  gold and silver dust powder. It is worth noting that if the main mass, crack pattern, and minority mass are  right, the amulets are highly likely to be genuine.
  2. Hand-written minute of a Buddhist monk of Wat Amarin (Abbot Kum, a senior Buddhist monk very close to Somdej To). The minute described 4 principal names of Somdej To’s amulets as (1) principal Buddha statue (2) edge of monk’s rope (3) pagoda (4) groove chest-extended ears-supplementary Buddha bases. Other name beside the 4 principal names were for minor parts of the amulets such as head-covering Bodhi leaves, Rafflesia hair (believe to be aura radius), monk’s body-rope, supplementary Buddha bases, thin thread-like bases. Furthermore, as calculated from the memo, there are possible 30 different sub-parts for main structure and 56 different sub-parts of the minor parts making the total different types of Somdej To’s amulets to reach 1,680 (30 x 56). Therefore, nobody can give complete total 1,680 name types and the naming can sensibly be served as academic focus, nothing more.

My final say is whoever can rate Somdej To’s amulets with a glance over as fake, please believe immediately that whoever lacks decent knowledge on Somdej To’s amulets because each Somdej To’s amulet has her own unique identity which take many minutes or even hours of consideration. Although I have been studying virtually only Somdej To’s amulets for almost 40 years, I still have to consider main and minor features, the texture, the mass, the crack patterns, and the 4 edges in details which can take at least 5 highly concentrated minutes per amulet.

The easiest way to study Somdej TO’s limestone amulet is to observe the distortion and collapse of every sub-parts like observing a young actor pretends to act as an old lady. Everything can be monitoring excepted for amulets’ texture like examining wrinkle patterns of old people.