Phra Somdej amulets with garuda chest and alms bowl head (Photo 1) were made for special 3 purposes as described in “Somdej To’s amulets”. This article will highlight the physical information of these amulets.

Photo 1 Five relative sizes (1,2,3,4,5 ) of Phra Somdet Kaiser amulets

First, there are two types of this Phra Somdej. The first type is Buddha sitting on a ring of lotus buds and has 4 sizes (1, 3, 4, 5). The second type is Buddha sitting on a Buddha Altar Table and comes in only one size (2). Second, there are two types of texture namely dry (size 1) and moist (2,3,4,5). Size 1 (the largest) is very dry as it had been bathed in a large jar filled with holy water chanted religiously with Buddhist prayers during 3-month Buddhist Lent in 2411 BE ended 2nd October. The Tung oil in the amulet was dissolved into holy water during the amulet bath in holy water jar, causing uncharacteristic super dryness of amulet as easily seen in above picture.

I have clean the surface of an amulet size 1 to see the real texture. Photo 2 compare the cleaned surface (first amulet) with the original surfaces (the next 3 amulets).

Photo 2 Clean and Original Phra Somdet Keiser amulets

Phra Somdej Keiser (size 1 in photo 1) can be regarded as the flagship of all Somdej TO’s amulets (Phra Somdej). It is like vintage Rolls Royce car. Size 5 is about 2.6 cm tall and 1.7 cm wide very suitable charm for ladies and I gave one to my wife. She wears only this amulet around her neck all the times.

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